Ways To Boost Motivation Levels At Your Next Meeting

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Boosting the motivation of your employees doesn’t have to be a hard task. There are times when we all face a demotivational slump at work. In fact, it can be quite normal. If you think about all of the times you’ve felt unmotivated at work, chances are your colleagues have felt the same way.

If you’re a manager or team leader at your workplace, one place you can help boost the motivational levels of your staff is during one of your regular meeting catch-ups. Depending on your workplace, you may have regular daily meetings, weekly meetings or catch-ups that are held monthly. No matter how often you all gather to talk, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to help keep your staff motivated, no matter what area of the company they’re working in.

Help your team to knock out tasks quickly

If you have headed into work only to find a huge pile of tasks waiting for you, chances are this is going to lead to increased stress levels and a quick trip to the land of demotivation. Then, there’s the inevitable “putting off of tasks” that only leads to an increased list of “to-do’s”, which again, just increases your stress levels once again.

How do you fix this? By taking on one small task at a time, even if you’re not up for it. How can you do this as a team? Ask your staff during your meeting if there are any tasks, issues or problems that they’re facing. Chances are, your staff may have a task that could be assigned or shared with another staff member. This can ensure everyone can work together as a team and get all tasks completed as quickly as possible.

Recognise your staff talents and achievements

Many people like to be recognised for the good work they’re doing. A pay cheque at the end of the week is nice, but having your talents and hard work recognised by the whole team is even nicer.

If possible, showcasing your teams’ efforts, goals achieved and calling out anyone that did an outstanding job throughout the last period can go a long way. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on trophies and gifts (although, that is a nice touch). In fact, just acknowledging their efforts can go a long way to helping your team to stay motivated.

Give your team some freedom

Having a boss breathe down your neck, watching every move and making every single decision can be draining for many staff members. Instead, allowing your staff to think creatively and come up with new ideas and solutions can be quite beneficial.

Not only do your staff feel like they get to have some control and real input into their work and the workplace as a whole, but you’ll be able to take a bit of a breather and not have to make every single decision yourself. You’ll be surprised at how well a team can work when they’re making some of the important decisions themselves.

Be sure to provide clear and accurate goals for your staff

There is nothing worse than having bad communication in the workplace and a sense of not knowing what is required of you. Your team meetings are a great place to ensure everyone is on the same page, everyone understands what is required of them and to help anyone who is unsure to get assistance.

Having a complete and full understanding of what your responsibilities are is a great motivational tool. Knowing exactly what you should be working on helps to eliminate any confusion and keeps your staff on track. Use your meetings to discuss any upcoming goals, new projects and tasks that are assigned to each person.

Provide flexibility

Sure, having a great ping pong table in the shared space of the office might be “cool” and “hip” and the Xbox that is free to be used might go down well for some workers. But, what many people are now looking for in a great role, is flexibility.

Flexibility in the workplace could range between allowing your staff to leave early or arrive later for school drop-offs or pick-ups or it may mean allowing staff to work from home if possible. Of course, it depends on the nature of your business, but with plenty of jobs and tasks being cloud-based, working remotely is something that many people will find useful to stay motivated at work.

No matter what industry you’re in, providing meetings that are motivational for your team can be a daunting task. But, with the right tools and understanding of what your team is looking for in the workplace, you’ll be able to use meetings as a great way to motivate staff.


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