The Benefits of Completing a Minute Taking Course

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Minute taking within an organisation often falls to a person who has limited minute taking skills or quite possibly may never have taken minutes of a meeting before.  Enrolling in a minute taking course provides a person with the fundamental skills to set up templates, learn how to prepare for a meeting and help summarise conversations into key areas of discussion.  Whether you have years of experience in minute taking, or you are only starting out and want to include minute taking in your skill set, a minute taking masterclass will help you learn the art of taking a great set of minutes.  

Increase your skill level

Minute taking is an important skill in any office environment and is quite often overlooked as a being specialised, with the assumption any person can take minutes. Completing a minute taking course will give you confidence with your minute taking, increase your responsibilities at work, and make yourself an asset to your company.  Not only that, it will provide an edge over your competition when applying for new roles if you have proven strong minute taking skills.

Make your meetings more efficient

Preparing templates for your agendas and minutes are just one area that is covered in a minute taking course. Additionally, learning how to pre-plan your meetings, avoid common mistakes,  and using the meeting papers to cross-reference your notes to help with the accuracy of your meeting write-up. By learning all these skills, you will learn to master the art of minute taking, allowing your meetings to be more productive and your draft minutes to be completed quickly and efficiently.  

Your final minutes will be even better

There is more to taking minutes than just sitting in a meeting. Once you’ve attended a meeting and taken the minutes, you will need to be able to produce a more efficient final document that provides accurate, coherent and professional information. When you are taught this information at your course of choice, your final minutes should include the right structure, correct style to form and professional business writing to produce a quality set of minutes.

Understanding meeting terminology and different meeting types

Not all meetings are the same. Meetings vary from formal board meetings right through to semi-formal meetings, committees and team meetings. Completing a minute-taking course will help you to adapt your style to all different types of meetings, all whilst having the same amount of accuracy. You can learn about meeting terminology used at different types of meetings and what it means for you as a minute taker.

Learn how to be a better listener

Although you may have been taking minutes for several years, continual professional development is important. Taking part in a minute taking course will help you to be a better listener and determine the type of information you may be missing out on during your normal minute taking routine. Learn how to prepare your minutes more efficiently, be reminded of how to take minutes more productively, as well as incorporating proofreading tips and organisational methods into your final document.

If you want to take the next step in your career and learn how to take minutes with a Board focus, Meet2Min provides a comprehensive minute taking workshop in Sydney. You’ll be able to get professional advice and learn all there is to know about taking minutes for Board, Committee and Team Meetings. It’s the perfect course for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants or anyone that has the responsibility of taking minutes. Each class will cater to a maximum of 6 people. Contact Meet2Min today.