Timea Gergely, Executive Assistant, The Project Lab

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Masterclass takes EA’s skills to the next level Experienced executive assistant Timea frequently has to take minutes for meetings but had never done any formal training. Attracted to Sarah’s helpful and approachable manner, she undertook a minute-taking course which she says was informative and engaging and has made her working life easier. The challenge: A … Read more

Health Direct

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Tailored training ensures consistency for healthcare organisation We provided tailored minute-taking training for 14 executive assistants and other staff from Health Direct, a government-funded provider of health information. As a result, Health Direct was able to ensure processes were uniform across the organisation, and staff were up-to-date on procedures for accurate minute-taking. The challenge: a need … Read more

How To Take Minutes For Board Meetings

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Minute taking is an essential and important part of Board meetings and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is important to ensure board meetings have an accurate set of minutes. There is more to a board meeting than just board discussions. These meetings serve as a legal and official record of … Read more

The Benefits of Completing a Minute Taking Course

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Minute taking within an organisation often falls to a person who has limited minute taking skills or quite possibly may never have taken minutes of a meeting before.  Enrolling in a minute taking course provides a person with the fundamental skills to set up templates, learn how to prepare for a meeting and help summarise … Read more

Minute Taking Tips – How To Improve Your Skills

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Whether you are a personal or executive assistant, or whether you’re simply a team member who sometimes has to take minutes, knowing how to effectively complete your job is a must. Minute-taking isn’t a simple task, especially to someone who has never done it before. Minutes help with communication needs at work. But for some … Read more

Why Meeting Minutes Must Be Accurate

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After reading about the Commonwealth Bank and their record-keeping ordeal, it has come as a timely reminder of why accurate minute taking is of high importance. No matter how big or small your organisation is, ensuring your records are kept accurate is the best way to ensure you stay compliant. Too many times have we … Read more

Why Minute-Taking Isn’t An Easy Task

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It may seem like a simple task to have proper minutes created and documented by a member of staff. But, unless that staff member has the experience, skills or qualifications to take minutes, chances are you’re going to be left with meeting minutes that just won’t cut it.

How Independent Minute Taking Services Can Save You Time

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Whether you run regular meetings for your corporation or directors’ meetings, or you have a small business that runs formal meetings every so often, recording minutes is an important part of the process. If you’re wondering how you can streamline your meetings, choosing an independent minute taking service could be the best choice for you. … Read more

How To Improve Your Minute Taking Skills

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If you’re already responsible for taking minutes at your workplace, chances are you may want to improve on this skill. Taking minutes for a meeting is a highly-regarded skill and can help to open you to new employment opportunities if ever you wanted to change roles. But, how can you improve on this skill? There … Read more

How Do You Take Minutes Of A Meeting? A Simple Guide

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For simple and easy minute-taking for your next meeting, we have a guide to help you have professional minutes that will help you and your business for future meetings. What are the minutes of a meeting? Many people have heard of minutes of meetings, but don’t really know what minutes really are. Minutes are in fact … Read more