How To Take Minutes For Board Meetings

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Minute taking is an essential and important part of Board meetings and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is important to ensure board meetings have an accurate set of minutes. There is more to a board meeting than just board discussions. These meetings serve as a legal and official record of … Read more

The Benefits of Completing a Minute Taking Course

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Minute taking within an organisation often falls to a person who has limited minute taking skills or quite possibly may never have taken minutes of a meeting before.  Enrolling in a minute taking course provides a person with the fundamental skills to set up templates, learn how to prepare for a meeting and help summarise … Read more

A Quick Guide to Types of Virtual Meetings

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In this day and age, going to a meeting in a physical location isn’t always the case. More businesses and companies are expanding their employee base to allow many workers to work remotely either part-time or full-time. Therefore, not all meetings are held in an office at a set day and time. Virtual meetings are … Read more

What Is Involved During A Strata Meeting?

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If you’re an owner or investor in a property that is governed by a strata scheme, chances are you’ve heard about strata meetings. Almost every important decision made by the owners or representatives of the owners are made at a strata meeting. Because of their importance, owners of properties need to know when strata meetings … Read more

How To Make A Meeting Agenda Template

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It goes without saying that there are hundreds (maybe even, thousands) of meetings you’re likely to attend within your lifetime. Some are amazing, some you may fall asleep in. How do we work on ensuring meetings are productive and a good use of our time? A meeting agenda. The meeting agenda sets the stage for … Read more

Tips For Productive Online Meetings

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We live in a day and age where not everyone is working 9 to 5 in an office building in the CBD. Today, more and more office workers are working from the comfort of their own home. In fact, many of them have never stepped foot into the office they “work” in. Because there are … Read more

How Independent Minute Taking Services Can Save You Time

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Whether you run regular meetings for your corporation or directors’ meetings, or you have a small business that runs formal meetings every so often, recording minutes is an important part of the process. If you’re wondering how you can streamline your meetings, choosing an independent minute taking service could be the best choice for you. … Read more

The Importance Of Meetings In Organisations

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Your meeting doesn’t have to take half the day with employees falling asleep in the meantime. In fact, that can be hugely detrimental to your business and of course would be a waste of time. If you’re running a meeting, keep it short and sweet.

How Do You Take Minutes Of A Meeting? A Simple Guide

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For simple and easy minute-taking for your next meeting, we have a guide to help you have professional minutes that will help you and your business for future meetings. What are the minutes of a meeting? Many people have heard of minutes of meetings, but don’t really know what minutes really are. Minutes are in fact … Read more