How Independent Minute Taking Services Can Save You Time

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Whether you run regular meetings for your corporation or directors’ meetings, or you have a small business that runs formal meetings every so often, recording minutes is an important part of the process. If you’re wondering how you can streamline your meetings, choosing an independent minute taking service could be the best choice for you.

How can a minute taking service help me?

There are a number of reasons why choosing an outside individual or business to take the minutes of your meetings can be hugely beneficial. Apart from the obvious reason of not needing to do it yourself, there are some other great reasons to hire an independent minute taker to do the job.

They Are An Expert

You likely already have someone in the office responsible for taking the minutes at your meetings, but is this their main responsibility? You may have asked one of your administrative assistants or a P.A to do the job and taking minutes isn’t their forte. When you hire an outside source to complete the minutes of your meeting, this person is likely an expert in their field. Their main job is to complete minutes and would likely have extensive experience in minute taking. Choose a great minute-taker and you’ll find that they have great attention to detail, a great writing style and the experience to take on a number of different meeting types.

Your Minute-Taker Is Neutral

Although a common belief is that an in-house minute taker has a better understanding of the business and its structure, the fact is there is room for this person to have a bias in their minute taking. An outsider coming into the meeting has no sense of bias and is completely neutral, making way for complete and professional minutes that say exactly what happened in the meeting. It may not be intentional for your in-house minute taker to be biased, but it can happen. By having an independent contractor to complete your minutes, you can rest easy knowing that they will be highly accurate, impartial to any bias and can bring a fresh perspective to your minutes.

A Minute Taker Is Ready To Work

As with all businesses, there are times when you just need an extra pair of hands to help you get through the day. Whether you’re normal minute taker calls in sick or has too much to do with other responsibilities, you can always count on an independent minute-taker to be on time and ready for your meeting. Because they are hired specifically to be there for you and your business, you won’t have to stress any more when your admin assistant can’t make it into work that day.

Better Meetings Overall

Depending on who you choose to complete your business meeting minutes, an independent minute taker can help you with better meetings overall. Due to their experience in various meeting settings, they may be able to advise how you can run your meeting more appropriately, how to create an agenda and therefore, help your business to get more work done in an efficient manner. When you want effective minute taking, choose an independent contractor who has the experience and expertise to help your business or corporation run smoothly.

Every business is different and therefore, will have different minute requirements. Some businesses will have strict requirements for shareholders and board requirements. Other businesses only require formal documentation of meeting minutes in order to keep tabs on how the business is performing. Whether you’re running a Strata meeting, a board meeting or need the minutes of an annual general meeting to be completed, an independent minute taking service is the perfect option.

For independent minute-taking services in the Sydney region, contact the experts at Meetings Into Minutes. We have the experience to take on everything from one-off meetings to regularly scheduled meetings for your business or corporation.


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