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Timea Gergely, Executive Assistant, The Project Lab

Masterclass takes EA’s skills to the next level

Experienced executive assistant Timea frequently has to take minutes for meetings but had never done any formal training. Attracted to Sarah’s helpful and approachable manner, she undertook a minute-taking course which she says was informative and engaging and has made her working life easier.

The challenge: A ‘learn as you go’ approach

Timea works for business consultants The Project Lab in Tasmania, performing a number of roles including executive assistant, office manager and finance officer. This means frequently having to take minutes for a variety of different meetings.

Like many people who minute meetings, Timea had never received formal training and so had to adopt a ‘learn as you go’ approach. Luckily, her boss recognised this and suggested she undergo a course to hone her skills.

The solution: An engaging, practical course

Timea found Sarah’s online minute-taking training through a web search, and it immediately resonated with her. She liked that Sarah sounded straightforward, offered a personal touch and was based in Australia, unlike many other offerings.

The course began by going through all the relevant terminology; something Timea previously had to look up herself through Google.

“It was so helpful to get a thorough explanation of what everything means,” she says.

The course itself, Timea says, was not only well-structured and interesting, but very engaging; for example, the quizzes at the end of each module ensured you were actively absorbing the information rather than just being lectured to.

And finally, Sarah was very approachable, going above and beyond to ensure she was able to start the training on time, she adds.

Result: An easier life and extended role

Since completing the masterclass, Timea has rebranded the templates Sarah provided and uses them every day.

“The training really helps me during meetings – I now know what to look out for,” she says.

And, her advanced minute-taking skills mean Timea could be sent to client meetings to take notes for them – an extension of her previous role.

“It’s an investment which has definitely paid off,” she says.

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